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The House of the Four Winds is situated on the island Pieni Mäntysaari (in Swedish Lilla Tallholmen; “Little Pine Island”) about 3 km from the centre. The café, which was originally called Café Lilla Tallholmen, has had several owners, the most interesting of whom was Marshal C.G.E. Mannerheim, whose summer cottage was on the island Iso Mäntysaari (“Big Pine Island”). During the Prohibition (1919-1932), when the café was called Café Africa, so called “hard tea” was served there. Marshal Mannerheim found the wild and merry life disturbing, so he bought the café in 1927 and changed the name to “The House of the Four Winds”. He may have wanted to create some kind of oriental atmosphere. He was so interested in running the café that he sent his housekeeper to buy a tea set from France. Some parts of the set can still be seen in the collections of Hanko Museum. These collections also contain pictures, where Marshal Mannerheim in a white jacket is carefully counting the money in the cash register. Mannerheim sold his summer cottage and the café in 1933. There is still a café/restaurant in the building.